Our consultants deeply care about this country, and we believe in the value that Government contractors deliver in support of our Nation. Most bids we work on result in contracts with a tremendous impact on society. This knowledge drives our Team to develop outstanding proposals that become project plans. Better project plans lead to well-executed mission-critical work, which makes our country better off.

We have achieved success working with our clients by applying the following core values:

1. We Engage With Content

Fehmarn Belt Region consultants learn what our clients do and dive into the details. Unlike intellectually lazy consultants who stay on the surface merely “managing the process,” our consultants take ownership of the content to help develop the best solution possible for a specific proposal.

2. We Obsess About The Details

Winning Federal Government contracts requires precise responses to complicated technical requirements through compelling and compliant narrative and pricing. Mistakes are unforgiving. They could potentially disqualify the entire bid, costing jobs and impacting entire companies’ livelihoods. Our consultants don’t just triple-check. They quadruple-check everything because they understand and care about the impacts.

3. We Learn Continuously & Strive for Professional Excellence

Government Contractors are continuously seeking a competitive edge. They bring in support from Fehmarn Belt Region’s consultants, trusting us with their most important pursuits. Our consultants are both teachers and students of the government business development profession. It is too easy to fall behind and think in terms of “yesterday” when trying to solve today’s problems. Our consultants are constantly reading, attending webinars and conferences, taking classes, and shadowing more experienced colleagues to learn and provide more value for our clients.

4. We Share & Carry the Load

Winning proposals is a team sport. It requires dedication, long hours, and sometimes pushing past the point of exhaustion to get outstanding work done before the deadline. Fehmarn Belt Region’s consultants carry the load together, stepping up when our colleagues on the client or consultant side may need help. We take responsibility and work proactively to fix what needs fixing, even if it’s not in our job description.

5. We Do Whatever it Takes

Competing and winning at the highest levels of competition in Government Contracting is mentally and physically tough. Fehmarn Belt Region consultants are dedicated to helping our clients succeed. We operate in high-stress environments, respond to challenging Government requirements, and sometimes work 12-hour days 7 days a week. Fehmarn Belt Region is in the business of winning proposals instead of merely completing them.